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Photo courtesy of Imagopix - Daniel Whitfield Photograpy


What started as a couple of guys coming together for a charity event has grown into fun lovin’ rock and roll band. The original members Mark, Zen, Clay and Tom pulled together a couple of songs as “Live Hands” for the One Heart benefits for the Philippines in 2014. The quartet went their own ways for a little more than a year. The group reformed as “Brewery Road” in 2016 for another charity event, 500 Songs for Kids, this time with Matt Kotheimer on the drums. The band is now based near Midtown Atlanta. The group has spent the last few years playing around Atlanta’s breweries, bars and festivals.

Come on out and rock with us!


// vocals & guitar


Mark Hodgdon on guitar and vocals grew up in Atlanta.  His influences are bluesy rock and roll and rockabilly with a little bit of late night drinking songs thrown in.


// vocals & bass


Clay Luna on bass and vocals comes to Atlanta via the Philippines, LA and New York. He adds funk, style and energy to the trio.


// vocals & drums


Matt Kotheimer on drums and vocals is from Chicago. He makes his mark with his soulful creativity and thoughtful chord progressions.

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